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over a decade ago after 9/11 where george bush to get the patriot act through. huge battles. i want to know is obama ready? does he have the stomach to go into a legislative battle such as he's going to have to have? he wants this committee to report in 60 days that's going to fix the foreign surveillance court, 60 days. he's also got obama care coming up in 60 days and also a continuing resolution coming bin 60 days. do you think he has the stomach for this? >> no. he hasn't shown the character or shown the leadership to be able to do this because look that. he did this press conference on a friday. on a friday afternoon during the middle of august when hoping some people weren't watching and i think the real reason why he did this press conference and why it was so much about the nsa and the spying, was because he saw his negatives in the polling going up over 50%. there's several national polls right now that have his disapproval ratings over 50% and he's got real problems with his base and he was talking to his base today. he was saying know the spying is not that bad. the worst
around today and said some of these things, he'd be called george bush. and that really got to them, i guess. >> all right, brian, with that question, the kennedy tax cuts, which lower tax rates across the board, certainly the first supply side tax cuts since the 1920s. >> no kidding, larry. and your clip right there really shows it. the liberals always say -- always says the jfk tax cuts were tax side. he said right in that clip that every dollar will result in investment. investment is the word he said. >> the krugmans of the world, the whole left, it's like they have erased the kennedy tax cuts from history. they have erased it. they will not acknowledge that they occurred, that they occurred sparked by a democrat who had to fight some of his own economists. and c, most importantly, they worked! >> and the thing is they're ready to make some weird deals with the devil. they tell us that the 1950s were the greatest era of prosperity when dwight eisenhower was president. that's wrong. growth was barely 2% with eisenhower. when kennedy came in, growth increased to 5% per year. >> 91% w
panel, democratic strategist and former clinton white house senior adviser. former george w. bush aide and a republican pollster. sara, i want to start with today. john kerry's best speech today may turn out to be historic speech. hillary clinton never made a speech like that as secretary of state ever. they let kerry do it and he delivered. now president obama did not have a formal speech but his remarks really sounded to me like he was pulling back from what kerry did. and i don't know that the american people may be confused. what's your take. >> i think the whole world is confused by what this president is saying and how he's saying. he's the reluctant president on this issue. and when you look at what's going on in syria, and the mess that it is, and mess in some regards by the president's own making. you know, let's remember this isn't the first time assad has used chemical weapons against his people. the president put a bright red line in the sand and then allowed assad to use chemical weapons again a second time. >> right. so, americans don't seem to want to do this, although i
. just remember these two numbers. at this point in bush's administration, george w. bush administration we created only 177,000 private sector jobs. under the obama administration we created 3.1 million private-sector jobs. >> is that enough? >> no. but considering the headwinds we were facing this economy is growing much more rapidly than it was. >> we're being too impatient expecting more? >> don't think people are being too impatient the reality is there's unprecedented obstruction from republicans in congress who are been against every possible jobs measure. >> those talk points were very good the first three years of the obama administration. there's no question about it that the obama administration had unbelievable headwinds going into the first term. this is their second term. this is year number five. one could make the argument that the obama administration's policies have taken effect and unfortunately, and i say this with grave sadness is that this is a jobless -- very much so. here's why i'm sad. because there's double digit unemployment in the black community. you know thi
it at that. thank you both very much, appreciate it. >> president george w. bush has undergone successful surgery at a dallas hospital today. that surgery was needed to place a stent in the heart of the 67-year-old former president. doctors discovered a blockage in the president's heart during a routine physical yesterday. he is expected to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule by thursday, and we wish him well, of course. >>> u.s. air force transport planes have landed and taken off again from yemen after picking up americans living in that country. that includes embassy personnel. the state department order evacuations for all non-essential staff to leave yemen in the wake of the terror warnings that have forced closures of u.s. embassies throughout the middle east and africa. intelligence sources say the extra security measures were prompted after messages by al qaeda leaders were intercepted. ty? >> well, he is literally the man who wrote the book on media, actually several books. ken aletta wrote a book about the three networks that used to be known as the big three, an
president george w. bush recovering in a dallas hospital after undergoing heart surgery this morning. doctors discovering a blockage yesterday during bush's annual physical and put in a stent. in the procedure today mr. bush expected to be back home by thursday. and finally, here's more evidence, larry, that electric cars, they still aren't that popular. gm cutting the price of the chevy volt by a whopping 5,000 bucks. it will now list at under 35,000. volt shares felt 3.3% year on year, larry. >> give me natural gas anytime. can i just ask one more sning nidal hasan. this guy still hasn't been classified as a terrorist action, has he? >> sure. right. and that's an interesting part of the argument here. how does that affect the trial and obviously all eyes on two things we discussed. one, getting to question the victims. and two, remember, the ultimate penalty could be the death penalty. >> and he's going to be out there in an open courtroom with a lot of information going back and forth. >> a lot of scrutiny. >> that a lot of bad people might put to bad use. >> sure. >> all right. j
a while. not just because president obama wasn't tough with him for the several years but even george w. bush. what did he say, he can look into his eyes and i can do business with this guy? >> see his soul, yes. >> see his soul and it turns out that was a lot of bs. i think it's high time and about time. why do you think obama has done this? >> i think obama -- it's a little bit too late. i would have done more. i think obama at long last realizes the ambitious agenda he had for the past five or six years is really going nowhere there's disagreements with every issue, as the previous speaker said. putin wants to use as a punching bag to consolidate his position at home and without obama saying, we've had enough, i'm not going to meet you, and we'll go from there. on your comment earlier, larry, about the g-20, the problem, of course, is that the russians want to use the g-20 and want to restructure the entire international financial system to the disadvantage of the united states. >> yeah, but they can't. they can't. russia is a third-rate economic country. the only thing they have, yo
for a long time. so if we have yet another president -- we've had two of them back to back, george w. bush, republican, big spender, barack obama, democrat, big spender, it's not about liberals and conservatives, if we have yet another four or eight-year term of this thing, there'll be more people unemployed and we'll start looking like the european economies. at that point, somebody will wake up, somebody will say we have to fend for ourselves, like ronald reagan did when he got rid of jimmy carter, and then we can move forward. so i guess the answer is people kind of get what they vote for. and they're getting exactly what they voted for. now, for the last three terms, in our fourth term. >> yeah, well said. good to have you on the program, t.j. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll see you soon. t.j. rodgers joining us. >>> up next, if apple builds it, they usually come, right? apple is used to drawing huge demand for its products, but will customers chomp at the bit for the wearable technology? that's in the pipeline. that's next, stay with us. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male an
. political director under president george w. bush as well as a cnbc contributor. the list is endless, sarah. good to see you. look, they're off on their holes. there doesn't appear to be an awful lot of time when they get back for the run of measures that they've got to squeeze in. what goes? >> well, you know, we keep seeing this same movie over and over with congress. you know, i would expect that as soon as they return, they will pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded for a short period of time. and all attention will focus on these big three spending challenges. a long-term budget, the sequester which remains a challenge here in the united states, at least for many members of congress, and also the debt ceiling as you pointed out. so that is going to take up almost all of the oxygen in september. probably much of it in october as well. i think you'll see domestic priorities like immigration, patent reform, other topics that the congress has been focused on punted until, perhaps, november, december. if they have time to do them at all. >> we get a continuing resolutio
's george w. bush. glen, it is great to have you here today. >> pleasure. >> i think back about your book, balance the economics of great powers from ancient rome to modern america. thousands of years of civilizations that have gotten into trouble. in detroit, people are wondering, do we have the same problems that crop up here? >> we are. we can fix them. basically what happens to a great power when it stumbles, its politics don't keep up with economics. it was true in rome and china, otoman empire. true today, our problem is the debt crisis. >> the debt crisis and some people would say entitlements. you have to look at that. republicans are saying that. >> at the federal level. itself the core of it. the nation is on an unsustainable path. with key fix this. we request get our mojo back, growth back, tomorrow, not today. >> what do we have to do? >> we need to get on a glide path to slow entitlement programs and bring down government spending and debt overtime. with decan do it in a way that's aggressive or gradual. we have to start now. >> i look at what was happening in detroit. is th
of the aisle trying to take some credit for. but yet as much as that's true, remember, george w. bush spent a lot of dough, the president, current president, president barack obama, ramped it up. there was no chirping then. i didn't hear chirping going we're going to hit $16 trillion at midnight, let's party! no. but the effects of less government spending definitely going to slow things down because you're not paying for it but it's a good thing. somebody broke the silence, i think it was bank of america, victoria mcgrain from "wall street journal" wrote a piece on wall street and it talks about the agenda for jackson hole. it's august 22nd to 24th. think about what i was saying. wouldn't it be nice if central bankers got together and tried to really figure out how to solve some of the structural issues? but the topics that were put forth, same old thing. the natural rate of interest, financial prices at zero lower bond, the transition of unconventional monetary policy. global liquidity, cross border cap flows. it seems to me that these are the same old topics, the crisis has c
. if he does follow through he looks as reckless as george w. bush seemed to be in going to iraq. a limited type of strike that the united states is talking about is unlikely to alter the balance of power on the battlefield and help the pfree syrian army all that much. what it might do is accelerate violence, accelerate the process of syria ripping itself apart. >> steven, just to put a period on it, given the calculus as we know it at this moment, do you think there will be a strike or not? >> i think it is unclear. i think it's 50/50 at this point with the british saying no and others saying that there needs to be international legal writ in order to do it. i'll be interested to see what secretary kerry has to say. of course, the administration is speaking bravely and saying that they have the capability to do it alone, which the united states certainly does. but just because you have the capability to do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. >> surely the consequences are clo climbing down at this stage are huge. >> indeed. that's the corner that the administrati
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12